Not Just a Business

Our philosophy is as simple as it is old: we love our neighbors as we love ourselves and we believe in building things that last. Together this goes toward the ultimate goal of maximizing energy output. What this means is we believe it is better to accomplish two to three things in one movement instead of just one thing. In business, people more often than not have one goal: make money. Sounds reasonable enough, except that modeling a business that goes toward that singular, myopic aim creates an inefficient energy output (and they're usually miserable
because of it.)

At Bayou State Construction we are committed to our employees, hiring local American labor, with the overall goal of improving our community with each roof we install. We see our business as a public service, not only to the clients who purchase it, but to the men we employ and local vendors we buy products from. When a business hires out of town labor, or purchases material out of town, they send that money to other regions. We employ local men because keeping local members of the district working ultimately saves money for the community. When men are out of work, society pays for it peripherally in drug use, crime, and social services. Thus when we build a roof, or anything, we are accomplishing multiple things at once, which maximizes all of our energy output, including that of our customers. Anyone or any business that is all about the bottom line, the up-front cost, is not seeing the big picture. *We charge market prices and will also beat any competitor's price by $200.

We believe in building every roof better than the original one installed. Our competitors often use the cheapest material available, such as rubber pipe boots, bare minimum 3/4" nails, and shingles. We build with premium shingles, lead pipe boots, and 1-1/4" nails. These small things cost little but add years to a roof. (For example: Rubber pipe boots last ten years while lead lasts 50 years and often longer. Once again, this maximizes our energy, building something that lasts.)

Imagine a roof that lasts 20-30 years vs 10-15 years. How you build determines energy output, and building a 10-15 year roof vs 20-30 doubles the amount of energy output. Why would anyone choose to do this? Because the common practice is to compromise on the integrity of
the construction for the purpose of saving on up-front costs. At Bayou State Construction we prefer to invest the effort and energy into something that will be high quality.

Why have we chosen to do this?

Our goal is to improve the working and building standards of Northwest Louisiana, and to build a company and community we can be proud of.