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We believe in building every roof better than the first roof installed. Builders often use the cheapest material available. Things like rubber pipe boots, bare minimum 3/4” nails, and shingles. We build with premium shingles, lead pipe boots, and 1-1/4” nails. These small things cost little but add years to a roof. Rubber pipe boots last ten years and lead lasts 50 years and often longer. Once again, this maximizes our energy, building something that lasts.

For example, imagine a roof that lasts 20-30 years vs 10-15. How you build determines energy output, and building a 10-15 years vs 20-30 doubles the amount of energy output. Why would anyone choose to do this? Why have we chosen to do this?

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What customers are saying

Matt handled a roof for me and did a great job. I live halfway across the country and he was very easy to work with, got things done quickly, and even came in under budget. If I had to do it again, he would be my only choice of roofers.

Matthew W.

There is no other place I would go for my roofing needs. Matt is honest and will make sure that your needs are met to your standards. You will not be disappointed.

Johnathan F.

Bayou and Matt handled my roof replacement when it began to leak last year. They handled it quickly, professionally, and without hassle. I’d recommend their services to anyone and everyone that may require it.

A. Wilson

If you’re looking for great workmanship paired with honest, knowledgeable and reliable service look no further! They finished my job on time and within my budget without any hiccups.

John M.

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